By Bow Tie Cat Studios
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An action-RPG where you control a squad of gun-wielding cats! Complete quests, aid kitizens, and blast your way through the robot army!
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About the Game

Local Co-Op
Bullet Hell

Gear up and get ready to take on the evil hordes of robots in this action-packed kitten-based shooter!

Unique Playable Characters!

Play as Koshka the shotgun-wielding skirmisher and Marsh the heavy weapons specialist. Each character brings to the table their own unique firepower, playstyle, and personality!

Vast Landscape to Explore!

Embark on a journey filled with fierce robotic enemies, colorful cat characters, and intense missions to undertake!

Customizable Character Progression!

Level up and unlock powerful, whacky items which can be mixed and matched. Become the ultimate robot-wrecking powerhouse!