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You play as a slime who has inherited an ancient dungeon that has been overrun by wild monsters and ridden with deadly traps. It is your job to reclaim this dungeon and make it your own. But beware! Heroes have taken notice of your activity and are preparing a raid. Delve deeper into the depths in search of monsters and traps to turn against the heroes. As a slime, you lack the strength to fight on your own — it will take strategic planning and an army of monsters to defeat them.


Delve into the unexplored depths of the dungeon, in search of monsters and traps to expand your arsenal. As you bring more of the dungeon under your control, the gauntlet between the heroes and your dungeon’s heart will grow more labyrinthine and more deadly. Managing time spent exploring and time spent on the front lines arranging your defenses will be the key to your survival.


Place the monsters you find anywhere in the dungeon to create an airtight defense against the heroes! As your army and dungeon grow, arranging the ranks of your monsters to create synergies will be essential. The dungeon crystal is your power source and what the heroes aim to destroy. Move it as deep into the dungeon as possible or use it as bait to exploit a clever chokepoint.


The heroes are attacking! Will you help your monsters on the front lines or do you have time to explore more of the dungeon while they do the dirty work? Raiding parties are made up of different hero types and classes with a variety of abilities. Figure out how to counter particularly tricky party compositions with your monster squads.

Can you Stop the Crawl?